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What our Parents are saying

Since joining the program I have been able to be more open with sharing my feelings with others. This program has also given me a better understanding of what other young mothers go through. I have enjoyed the program and gained so much information that I had not known before. To me, TAHP teaches young mothers not to give up.

TAHP Parent

During my time at TAHP, I have gained more parenting skills which make me feel much more confident as a parent. This program has been a much-needed refresher for me. Joining the program is helping me to not be so uptight and teaching me how to talk to people in a non-judgmental way. Being  at the TAHP has made me  want to help other young mothers feel comfortable and assist them with any issues that may arise due to being a young mother

TAHP Parent

I can say that I don’t  feel so alone anymore thanks to joining the group. The ladies have helped me to express myself more and also to stand up for myself in tough situations. After completing the parenting classes I have gained more confidence as a parent and confident that I will evidentially regain custody of all my children  before the end of 2017.  I am now looking forward to a better future with my children.

TAHP Parent

It is now 6/2017 both of my children are in daycare and will be entering Pre-K in Sept. After working with TAHP as a Parent Educator I have advanced to Program Assistant in March 2017. I am still in my apartment and in May 2017 I  took the HSE test. Though I did not pass, I am not discouraged and will return to class to brush up on Math and Science then take the test again before the end of the year. Throughout my journey of discovery, TAHP has helped me to become not only a better Mother but a better person.

TAHP Parent

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